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Website Development

Professional website development in Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Website development by Ethersense will have an attractive, responsive design that focuses on simplicity so that  your site’s visitors find the information they need effortlessly.  Just as important as the site’s stunning design and accessible content is that the site functions flawlessly on all computers, tablets or mobile devices.  Ethersense develops all sites according to W3C standards. This assures that your website looks and functions flawlessly on a variety of platforms and devices.  Powerful administration access allows you to update the content on your site often, thus enticing your visitors to return.  Finally, Ethersense keeps search engine optimization in mind during every step of  your website development, so potential visitors are more likely to find your site.

In short, all website development done by Ethersense in Steamboat Springs, Colorado will include the following essentials:

That said, every website will very depending on purpose.  Additional items such as e-commerce, social media integration, event calendars, newsletters and much more can be added to your project.  Additionally, Ethersense development can utilize third party software such as Google, Facebook, iContact, Issue (using custom API calls) to create a powerful tool that will help market your business or project and help your business respond to its clients and fans.

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